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That's what we do. Six of us. Men. Based in Bristol, but we can travel.

Everybody loves a cappella, don't they?


Kettle of Fish have been singing together as a group since 2012, but between them they have over 200 years of singing experience. Dave is the Real Musician, Adam the Talented Amateur, Neil the Prima Donna, Jorge the Iberian Crooner and John the Deep One. Tom is the youngster. He is currently running our German outreach operation in Munich. All have sung in groups and choirs for years, but this is the culmination of all their musical hopes and dreams.


The band is in demand all over the South West of England (well mainly Bristol), delighting audiences large and small, young and old, with their unique blend of comedy and musical genius. Expect laughs, gasps of amazement and maybe the odd quizzical raising of the eyebrow, when KoF take to the stage with their eclectic mix of the weird and wonderful. What an amazing thing the human voice is. Not to mention the maraca, the bucket and the electronic loopy box.


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