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Big Fish Show Imminent!

We are very excited about our new show, coming up on 21st January at The Folk House. We've got lots of new songs - many of which we've tested in front of an unsuspecting audience in Bradford on Avon, and we are pleased to say they loved it!

We really enjoy all of our gigs, but we particularly look forward to putting on a big show each year to showcase our new material and to entertain with some of our most popular oldies. We love the Folk House: enough space to pack in a good crowd, great atmosphere, wonderful sound, and there's a bar.

Highlights to look forward to this year include a couple of classic TV theme tunes, a homage to Bernard Cribbins, sing-a-long-a-zombie, and a heartfelt message for Trump. Not to mention an addition to our insect collection and two new foreign language selections, in Swedish and Jibberish.

Advance ticket sales are going well, but if you can't be certain how free you are going to be on Saturday night, just turn up. It's £2 more expensive than booking in advance though, so that might leave you short for your interval drink. Doors open at 7:30, and we'll be starting at 8:15, on the dot.

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