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What will they think of next?

Here in the fishpond there's never a dull moment. We are always beavering away, doggedly honing our a cappella art. Well, we've certainly been a bunch of busy bees these last few months, arranging and then learning how to sing a whole lot of new songs.

Next January we'll be presenting a full evening of entertainment at The Folk House, with all the new material. But if you are lucky, you may get a sneak preview at Colston Hall on 14th October or North Bristol Arts Trail on 27th November.

What can you expect in the new repertoire? Songs about birthdays? Maybe. Songs about being old? About being young? About the kitchen? Or perhaps about unrequited love. Ah yes, a classic theme, but with a sting in the tail.

Suffice to say, when next the Kettle of Fish hit the stage, there will be plenty to entertain and intrigue even the most discerning of music lovers!

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