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Radio Bristol, Bristol Cathedral, Big Time!

It's been an exciting year so far for Kettle of Fish, and it's not even finished snowing yet, apparently.

We had an absolute blast at the Folk House gig in January. To kick start our day we dragged ourselves out of bed and down to the BBC studios to record an interview on Radio Bristol, which was great fun but had absolutely no impact on ticket sales, according to our hands-up survey that night. Not to worry. We were sold out anyway, so thank goodness the Saturday morning listeners didn't decide en masse to storm the box office. We'd have had to disappoint them. Which would have made us sad, and put a downer on the whole proceedings.

It was a privilege to sing with our wonderful guests, Elaine, Ali, Jess and Kerry. They each brought something unique to the show, and when we all sang together for the last few numbers, it sent shivers down our collective spines. (Nice ones).

Hot on the heels of the gig, we managed to swindle our way into Bristol Cathedral early one Saturday morning to record the Icelandic song, Heyr Himna with Elaine Wilson. It was crying out for a room with a big reverb, and the cathedral was the biggest reverb we could find. Thank you to the cathedral folk for indulging us.

We took a few weeks off in February, giving Dave and Adam time to start work on a new set for the next season. We're now getting stuck into rehearsals again, with more of our trademark mixture of the weird and the wonderful in our pipeline.

Is this a good time for the Fish to say a big thank you to their Fishwives and the Fish Fry for their love and support? Yes? Good. Thank you all! And thanks to all of our Fish Followers. You should have a name. Justin Bieber fans are called Beliebers. We've been on the radio and sung in a big room with lots of reverb now. What should we call our audience? Send us your suggestions, or post them on our Facebook page.

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