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Are we not artists?

Do we not sing as sweetly as the birds? Are we not proud to support the wonderful North Bristol Artists at their annual Arts Trail?

Thanks to artist printmaker Mary Collett for not only inviting us to sing at Venue 40 but also allowing us to borrow this delightful image of a singing wren. Click the picture to see more of her work.

Venue 40 also exhibits work by photographer Paul Bullivant, jeweller and mosaic artist Caroline Casswell and potter Fran Wardell.

We are looking forward to trying out some of our new material at the Arts Trail. We'll be performing two different sets - first at St Barts at 2:00 and then at Venue 45 9 Burghley Road at 4:00. There you can see the mixed media artworks of Maite Robinson and Theo Wood, before or after listening to us in the kitchen.

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